Rankings are based on player performance over the last 20 weeks

Rankings are updated weekly (Sunday)

Scores used for rankings are those that have been uploaded to leaguesecretary.com. We cannot guarantee that all league sessions will be uploaded, or that the scores uploaded are accurate. If you have concerns about the scores that are uploaded, please contact the bowling center.

Rankings are updated using only scores from league sessions that were bowled during that week.

To achieve ranking credit, a player must physically bowl at least one game with a score of 100 or better. Bowlers who bowl at least three consecutive games of 100 or better, will get ranking credit for their highest series of the week in addition to their highest game of the week.


The ranking charts show specific details and results for each player over the last 20 weeks.

Ranking charts show scores and rankings for the last twenty weeks.

Ranking charts show scores and rankings for the last twenty weeks.

In addition to the name and current ranking, the charts will show the highest game, highest series, and best rankings over the last 20 weeks.

The section below the name shows the complete twenty week breakdown for that bowler. The date; the single highest game; the single highest series; and the ranking for that specific week.

We only use the highest series and highest game for each week. The scores shown may or may not be from the same league set.


The are few known issues that may effect the validity and accuracy of the rankings:

Not all scores are reported to leaguesecretary.com. There is no guarantee that any league score will be uploaded, and no guarantees to the accuracy of those scores.

We have no way to differentiate between bowlers other than by name. Different bowlers with the same name can cause problems. This creates a hybrid ranking, which is when when two bowlers combine to form a single ranking. This can affect the validity of the entire ranking system.

A similar problem is when bowlers intermittently use name suffixes such as Sr., Jr. and III. When we see a name with no suffix that previously had one or more (or vice versa), then we don’t know who to credit for the scores. In such cases, a new hybrid ranking is formed.

Similarly, bowlers with names like James and Robert will sometimes mix it up and go with Jim and Bob in other leagues. Even with uncommon last names, we can’t really be sure if it is the same person as it could be a father son situation. Unless we can verify that it is the same person, we will calculate separate rankings for each variation of a name.

Female bowlers who get married and have a last name change may see a rankings reset. This means that the prior name will no longer receive ranking credit, and a new ranking will be formed with the new name. Bowlers can avoid this issue by contacting me and I can merge the names to preserve the current rankings.